Nokia 105 (2019) modification for seniors

1 General

2 Project description


Very old people often have problems with mental abilities, touch and vision. When the phone rings it is real issue to figure out what button to press and hit the right one to pick up the call. It is easy to end up in random phone menus instead that are incomprehensible for the elderly.

Here is solution for the problem in the form of 3D printed case and extra add-on button that is glued to the original dial/receive key of the phone. All other buttons are rendered inaccessible on purpose.

For extra clarity, this one important button:

  • Is painted red.
  • Has exaggerated surface and relief raising above main case surface.
  • Has big white circle around it (I used airbrush with stencil to paint the circle).

2.1 Original Nokia 105 (2019)


Nokia 105 (2019) allows receiving calls and dialing back the most recent call using single dial button (cannot hang up) though. Receiver of the call on the other end has to hang up. Prepaid SIM card is used, to avoid accidental/unintended charges for whatever reason.

2.2 Enlarged dial button


Download button: button.png

I glued button to the dial key of the phone.


2.3 Body and cover


2.4 Result

End result looks like this:


Connectors for headphones and charging are exposed though the hole in the body.