Alpha Tools digital calipers mod and container box

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2 Project description


As regular user of this tool, I got annoyed that original cell batteries run empty so fast and I have to worry about finding replacements.


So I added AAA battery compartment to the bottom, and now I can use relatively large capacity and rechargeable NiMH batteries.


The new problem I got is, how can I store and carry this thing around. So special case is designed.


And special cover. Design utilizes 3mm x 2mm thick neodymium magnets to keep cover magnetically attached to storage box.


My printer can print only 120x120x120 mm objects. So only the most delicate part is protected. There is some empty space in the box because of geometry of the tool. It can be used as small storage compartments for something.


Closed box: make,%204.png

3 Files

You can download FreeCAD project file to tweak design or generated STL files ready for 3D printing: